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    Start planning your online business with Black Country News Business Directory

    A great opportunity awaits your business online with the online industry expected to grow three fold in the next 5 years.

    Join us now and get your free listing - join us now and get a website for your business.

    Black Country News Business Directory goes from strength to strength, with more than 17,000 business views each week and growing constantly isn't it time you joined in and got more visits to your business information...!

    Since our launch Black Country Business Directory has provided free and additional plans to business within The Black Country, Birmingham and West Midlands, gaining invaluable links to services, suppliers and retail with outstanding results.

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    Black Country News Business Directory providing business with the opportunity for getting online and providing your business a step up the ladder.

    Your website can be both your shop-window and your business card. Your customers can find you and learn more about you. Your website is the best way of telling them more about your business.

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    Why have a website?

    Even if you don’t plan to sell your services online, having a website will be beneficial to your business, and here are some tips on how to go about setting it up.

    The Six Don’ts of Launching Your Small Business Website

    Launching a new website as a small business owner can be daunting. As a company’s first contact point with many of its customers, your website needs to make a lasting impression. There are a lot of factors that go into building both good and bad websites, but these six “Don’ts” will help keep both your website and business on track.


    1. Your website isn’t mobile compatible. Accessing the Internet via a mobile device is becoming increasingly common. In fact, according to a recent poll, 15% of the internet population who own a smartphone have no other way of getting online [1]. Don’t alienate customers who are mobile users. Explore your options for mobile compatibility, starting by checking your website with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.
    2. Contact info is hard to find (or nonexistent). The best place you can put contact information is at the top of your homepage. If that spot doesn’t work for your particular website, the second best option is to create a separate page dedicated to your address, phone number, and email information. Clearly mark this page as “Contact Us.” This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s an easy thing to overlook. The last thing you want is to send your customers on a contact info wild goose chase. This could result in a negative impression by the customer and, ultimately, the loss of their business.
    3. The website is hard to navigate. Distinctly marked tabs and pages streamline ease of use and provide an overall better customer experience. Your website doesn’t have to be the most cutting edge, overly complicated page out there. It simply has to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and serve its purpose.
    4. There’s too much information. That’s right, it’s completely possible to have too much information! An abundance of testimonials, photos, descriptions, and options can be overwhelming. Stick to the basic information about your products and services. If needed, let customers know your business is available for special projects and provide them with an inquiry form to save yourself some clutter. Tone it down, limit yourself, and include only what’s necessary. Your customers will thank you.
    5. The customer isn’t asked to stay in touch. Prominently display links to social media pages and ask customers to be a part of your email list. Eliminate the effort of making a second contact by simply asking customers to stay connected. Make it easy for your business to develop lasting and profitable relationships. By securing a ‘Like’ on social media or a customer’s email address, you are being proactive and taking the steps to foster a meaningful audience for marketing efforts.
    6. Your website is all about the company. This may seem counterintuitive, but changing the wording on your website can make a big difference in how customers view your business. Instead of saying, “This is the awesome product I’m offering you.” say, “This is the awesome result of using my product.” Don’t brag about how great your offering is; instead, talk about how it can help the customer and improve their lives. For example, don’t say your gas business services are the best. Say your gas business services will help a customer’s home have a warm and maintenance free option. Make the website feel relatable to the customer by offering benefits instead of simply products.


    In addition to these basic tips, take a critical look at some other company websites. What’s working for them? What isn’t working? As a potential customer, what did you think of the overall website experience? Use these tips and lessons to revamp your business’ website!

    In addition we are always available to help, offer advice or suport when needed.



    How to add your business to our directory

    It's easy in three simple steps.

    1. Decide on what package you require and how you want to set up your listing page.
    2. Go through the registration process and add all the salient points about your business.
    3. We publish, you get found locally and on all the major search engines.

    Business directory listings are offline or online business directories. These directories provide the basic contact and service details of a company. Consistent directory listings can boost your profits. Business directory listings help you in many ways.

    Targeted advertising

    About 80% of customers use directories while researching a product or company. This fact was established by a study done by Burke. Directory searches usually lead to a successful purchase.

    People use a directory with a specific use in mind. If they find a company to be suitable, they will go ahead with the purchase. They are ready to do business. Hence attracting such customers is very important. Directories help you do that. Online directories also have an additional advantage. They can get you higher returns from your website. If your product has relevance, it will be given more importance in the directory. You can use directories to reach customers who need your service.

    About directory

    BlackCountryNews.com Business Directory is a professional and reliable business directory. You can create your business listing and provide your business details online or mobile in a way you've always dreamed of.

    Using BlackCountryNews.co.uk Business Directory, allows you to provide your clients multiple benefits: business details, how and where to find you. It offers a user friendly interface based on css3 and html5, easy and simple to list or edit including events and promotions.

    Endless possibilities to promote business offers, promotions and events, map localization, post code search, and much more.